Cabinet Minister Personally Addressed The Grievances Of The People During The Camps

Sri Anandpur Sahib, February 12:

Cabinet Minister Harjot Singh Bains on Monday visited  ‘Aap Di Sarkar Aap De Dwar’ camps, launched by the Punjab Government led by Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann, in Sri Anandpur Sahib and Nangal sub-divisions to personally address the grievances of the people. Today he attended 54 camps.

During these camps, Cabinet Minister Harjot Singh Bains sat among the people and solved their problems. He personally attends about 10 camps daily, where, in addition to overseeing the performance of various departments, he also ensures the delivery of benefits from government welfare schemes to needy people.

The Cabinet Minister has categorically instructed officials to address personal and common issues of the people on the spot and to resolve pending problems promptly. In addition to addressing individual needs, common village issues such as roads, schools, hospitals, dispensaries, streets, drains, sheds, lighting, and blue cards are also being promptly addressed.

Mr. Bains also presides over meetings with locals to address their demands, allocating grants for development works according to the demands of the Panchayats and the people. He evaluates performance by visiting schools, health centers, and other government institutions.

During his visit, the cabinet minister allocated funds, including 36 lakhs for Raipur, 10 lakhs for Shahpur Bela bridge, 30 lakhs for a school ground, 20 lakhs for Gambhirpur Upper, 30 lakhs for Surewal Upper, and 20 lakhs for Ajoli. Grants totaling 45 lakhs were allocated for Brahmapur Lower School. This grant has accelerated development in the constituency. Meetings with players, sports clubs, youth clubs, and women’s groups are being held to encourage enthusiastic participation in promoting sports.

The Cabinet Minister’s active participation and engagement with the people during each camp have garnered a great response from local residents, increasing enthusiasm for these initiatives. So far, more than 10 thousand people have benefited from government services in 54 camps.

The Cabinet Minister highlighted achievements such as waiving electricity bills for 92 percent of households, providing quality health facilities through Aam Aadmi Clinics, restoration of cut blue cards (Ata Dal Card), arranging transportation for girl students to safe educational institutions, and ensuring various tests and medicine facilities in free government hospitals.

He said that under the leadership of Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann, the Punjab government has made decisions to promote the tourism industry, appoint medal winners in international sports to high positions, and provide government jobs through honest governance. The Cabinet Minister emphasized the ease of accessing government services through a single call to 1076, with government employees now reaching people’s homes to provide these services.

The Minister reiterated that the Punjab government, led by Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann, is diligently working to provide many other significant facilities to the residents of the state soon