Lovely Professional University (LPU) hosted a two-day mega Indian Entrepreneurship Conclave (IECon’24) to connect aspiring entrepreneurs, startups, mentors, and investors. Representing the true spirit of the famous television show-‘Shark Tank’, it proved to be a broad platform where entrepreneurial students got a chance to showcase their unique business ideas. Here, they availed the opportunity to present their innovative concepts, gain valuable insights from seasoned professionals, and receive recognition for their entrepreneurial spirit. LPU’s Pro-Chancellor Mrs. Rashmi Mittal declared the conclave open by releasing the startups promoting an inspirational book- ‘Do It Right, Make It Big’, authored by one of the enterprising LPU students Rout. Inspiring the participating students, Mrs Mittal invoked them to stay innovative and enterprising in their endeavors while thinking productively about the global society.

The event included keynote speeches by leading entrepreneurs and investors like Aditi Madan, Sonam Bhagat, Raminder Bakshi, Gurpreet Singh Ghedu, Aman Raj, Nitika Khurana, Saurabh Trivedi, Nikhil Gupta, and more. Students were seen as keen on absorbing stories of successes from entrepreneurs and investors through their experiences and insights. Panel discussions were also there on a variety of topics related to entrepreneurs-fundraising, marketing, and growth. Workshops on practical skills included business plan writing; pitching to investors; and, social media marketing. The event also provided ample opportunities for entrepreneurs to network with each other, as well as with potential investors and mentors. More than 30 business ideas were projected by LPU students in various domains including Agri, Pharma, Electric Vehicles, Technology, AI, and many more sectors for fruitful outcomes. Presented projects like AniMetaAgriTech is a combination of technology and expertise to propel dairy farming and herbal feeds to new horizons; PicaPool uniquely leverages geo-location to match individuals with similar purchasing interests in real time. Many others were Rooms Vital for automatic room locks; Pink Parcel; Plastic Bastion; Apple Industries; A I Teacher; LoVopay and more. The event also featured Startup competitions to encourage entrepreneurs to win prizes and gain exposure for their businesses.