Renowned author on positivism, MrsShailjaAggarwal visited Lovely Professional University (LPU) where she guided LPU students to always live a life on positive & happy notes. Here she elaborated on how one can heal oneself from hurt, pain, and anxiety with one’s own efforts. On this occasion, Member of Parliament (RajyaSabha) & Founder Chancellor of LPU, Dr. Ashok Kumar Mittal released her book titled ‘Self Heal’- The Art of “SirfHaan”, which illustrates how to live a perfect life on positive and happy notes.  This occasion was also graced by the eminent presence of LPU’s Pro-Chancellor Mrs Rashmi Mittal. Each chapter of this 70-page book illustrates various “tools” through which readers can fulfill their dreams, and aspirations and further proceed towards complete wellness internally and externally. Sharing her own experiences, the author healed her own life as she now feels totally at peace and aligned with her higher self.

Various chapters of the book on the powers of gratitude, positive affirmation, forgiveness, stepping-back, visualization, and more act as different tools to shape the reader into total perfection. Through these and more aspects, the author assures the readers to become completely happy, healthy, and prosperous after adopting the tools sincerely. The author shares: “We all are here to experience beautiful phenomena called ‘LIFE’. If we are able to change our thoughts from being negative to positive, we can create our destiny. We can change our lives from unhappiness to happiness; from being sick emotionally and physically to being blissful; and, from having unfulfilled dreams to being with fulfilled dreams.” Former Secretary of Jalandhar’s posh Gymkhana Ladies Club (2017-19) and a symbol of piety and positivity, the author ShailjaAggarwal is also handling family business and an NGO- ‘Helping Souls’ in the memory of her parents. Here, all kinds of social welfare projects like education and marriages of poor girls, free camps on Mammography; Dental and allied Medical Camps and her NGO runs many projects to uplift girls towards financial freedom.