In the ever-evolving panorama of digital innovation, Mobikasa stands proud with its groundbreaking initiative to foster digital inclusivity. The company’s digital accessibility business vertical is devoted to supporting clients in making their digital assets, including websites, mobile apps, and PDFs, accessible to users with disabilities. This marks a vast stride toward developing a greater inclusive digital globe.

People with disabilities regularly face numerous challenges whilst accessing the internet and other digital platforms. In many cases, websites and online content are no longer designed with accessibility in mind, making it difficult for people with disabilities to access information. This information gap can be detrimental and hampers their capacity to participate completely in the virtual world. To ensure digital inclusivity, Mobikasa uses a set of tools and methodologies for conducting these accessibility audits. The system entails the use of browser/device-specific screen readers, keyboard navigation, and automated tools. Multiple checks are performed for various parameters including high contrast mode and zoom. Testing artifacts consist of comprehensive Accessibility Audit Reports, Accessibility Bug Reports, VPAT Reports, and Code-level recommendations.

Mobikasa adapts emerging trends in digital accessibility that promise a future wherein the internet is genuinely inclusive. AI-powered solutions, coupled with the rise of immersive technologies such as AR/VR, are at the forefront of these trends. Automatic image descriptions using computer vision, haptic feedback, sensory interfaces, spatial audio design, and Voice User Interfaces (VUIs) are all set to transform the digital landscape, making it – intuitive and accessible for users with varying abilities. Mobikasa – additionally offers Accessibility training and consultation services. Certified International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP) experts create brand-specific accessibility playbooks. These playbooks ensure a smooth learning curve for both existing and new team members.

Mobikasa is committed to staying ahead of the curve by actively participating in the global accessibility community. As a member of the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP) they participate in international conferences and forums, the agency remains well-connected with multiple accessibility professionals across diverse industries. Regular training and certification updates ensure alignment with the latest Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and industry practices. What sets Mobikasa’s accessibility experts apart is that they are not just auditors; they’re Accessibility Advocates. This distinction emphasizes their dedication to providing clients with a complete and consumer-targeted accessibility roadmap. In conclusion, Mobikasa’s approach towards digital inclusivity is marked by innovation, dedication, and a commitment to creating a truly accessible digital world. Through its pioneering initiatives, the company is not simply remodeling digital assets; they’re reshaping the way we understand and interact with the digital landscape.