1240 women will gain employment through this Punjab government initiative.

Chandigarh, 11 February

The Punjab Government has elevated 1240 Anganwadi Centers in the state from Mini Anganwadi Centers to Main Anganwadi Centers.

Dr. Baljit Kaur, Minister of Social Security Women and Child Development, revealed that out of the total 27314 Anganwadi Centers in the state, 1240 had been operating as Mini Anganwadi Centers. In these 1240 centers, one worker was employed, receiving an honorarium of Rs. 3500/- per month.

Dr. Baljit Kaur explained that the Chief Minister, Bhagwant Singh Mann, approved to convert these 1240 Mini Anganwadi Centers into Main Anganwadi Centers, addressing the long-standing demand of the Anganwadi Workers Union.

The minister stated that following the state government’s approval, the central government has also sanctioned the conversion of these 1240 Mini Anganwadi Centers into Main Anganwadi Centers. With this approval, the total count of approved Anganwadi Centers in Punjab is now 27314, falling under the category of Main Anganwadi Centers. The monthly honorarium for Mini Anganwadi workers will now increase from Rs. 3500 to Rs. 4500.

She further informed that the approval of Main Anganwadi Centers has led to the creation of 1240 honorary posts for Anganwadi Helpers, and the recruitment for these posts will take place soon. The honorarium for Anganwadi Helpers will be Rs. 2250 per month.

Dr Baljit Kaur emphasized that, in addition to the fixed honorarium from the Government of India, the state government provides Rs. 5000 to Anganwadi workers and Rs. 3100 to helpers per month. Furthermore, an annual increase of Rs. 500 for Anganwadi workers and Rs. 250 for helpers was implemented in January.

Minister highlighted that this initiative by the Punjab government will result in 1240 women gaining employment, ensuring proper benefits for the beneficiaries of Anganwadi centers.