Hyderabad, March 2024:

BJP Leader and former Member of Parliament Konda Vishweshwar Reddy, addressing the media said, that the GDP of India rose to 8% in the last three months, this didn’t happen overnight, it is purely due to the tremendous initiative and effort on the part of the Central Government and Modi. Welfare schemes should do good for the people, but freebies, sops, and caste-wise schemes should not be announced in a deceitful manner. The current government is comparatively better than the previous government, abusive language and expletives were the order of the day in the assembly during BRS rule. I am happy that recently the assembly was conducted in a more decent manner. BRS left an empty bowl in the hands of the current government, there are no funds left for the Bandhu and other schemes. Central Government disbursed Rs 9 lakh crores in Telangana despite not being in Government. With just 4 MPs from Telangana, if we could manage a huge central contribution, imagine if we have more MPs we can manage a bigger chunk of the central contribution. Modi contributed development funds to Telangana keeping aside politics. KCR left behind Rs 7 cr debt for Telangana, Central government bridged the gap by contributing funds to prevent any hardship to the people of Telangana. If welfare schemes are continuing in Telangana it’s purely because of Modi. If BJP can win 14 or 15 MP seats in Telangana, we can fetch even Rs 25 lakh crores for the state.

Congress is mounting a misinformation campaign saying BRS and BJP are one, we can also make such allegations against Congress, but we won’t do that. Congress is ignoring the bigger fraud of Kaleshwaram and focusing just on Medigadda. Congress is using the Medigadda issue for political purposes. They are accusing the BJP of being hand in glove with BRS for not arresting Kavitha, though Revanth Reddy is ready to initiate action against the KCR family, the Congress high command is preventing it. I will win by 2 lakh majority in Chevella and like in the past I will work, in fact redouble the effort for the development of the Chevella constituency.