Makoons Play School, a leading institution in early childhood education, celebrated the UDAY Excellence Award 2023 in a grand event held on Sunday, December 24th, at Crown Plaza Hotel, Greater Noida. The Chief guest of the evening was TanaazIrani. The event, aimed to recognize and applaud the exceptional achievements of the school and its students.

The UDAY Excellence Award 2023 event kicked off at 10:30 am and witnessed a gathering of educators, parents, and esteemed guests congregating to celebrate the spirit of excellence and dedication in education. Crown Plaza Hotel, Greater Noida, served as the perfect backdrop for an event that marked a milestone in Makoons Play School’s commitment to fostering holistic development in young minds.

Highlights of the Event: Unveiling Dreams:

The ceremony commenced with an inspiring address by the school’s leadership, emphasizing the importance of nurturing dreams and aspirations in the formative years of a child. Then they moved on to acknowledging Triumphs: The UDAY Excellence Awards were presented to outstanding students and educators, recognizing their exemplary performance, dedication, and contribution to the academic and extracurricular landscape. To make the event more engaging there was also a Cultural Extravaganza: The event featured captivating performances by students, showcasing their talents in various art forms, including music, dance, and drama. The Guest of Honor: Eminent personalities from the education sector graced the occasion, offering their insights on the significance of recognizing and nurturing talent in early education.

“In the world of education, we believe in nurturing young minds with a mix of innovation, compassion, and excellence, laying the foundation for a future where every child’s potential is not just realized but celebrated.” – Vijay Kumar Agarwal, Founder & CEO, Makoons Group of Schools.

Parents, educators, and guests had the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations, fostering a sense of community and collaboration in education.

The celebration aligns with Makoons Play School’s vision of providing a stimulating environment for children to explore, learn, and grow. By acknowledging excellence, the school reinforces its commitment to shaping future leaders and fostering a love for learning.

About Makoons Play School:

Makoons Play School is a leading institution in early childhood education, dedicated to providing a nurturing and stimulating learning environment for young minds. With a commitment to excellence, Makoons Play School aims to instill a love for learning and foster holistic development in every child.